Cannabis Events

Cannabis Events

4 Episodes

Cannabis events span an entire spectrum of options. B2B, B2C, country fairs, concerts and more.

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Cannabis Events
  • Green Prize Festival

    Episode 1

    Long Beach, California hosts one of the earliest adopters of Cannabis friendly festivals, The Green Prize Festival.

    Take a look and enjoy some of the high-lights with host USWC's founder Shane Doull.

  • CWCB Expo L.A.

    Episode 2

    Get to know some of the movers in the Cannabis sector. Shane takes a few participants aside to get the inside scoop on Cannabis forward motion.

  • Jeff Green at EURYALE Brewing-encode

    Episode 3

    Jeff Green of Riverside County California explains current issues surrounding zoning and licensing.

  • High Times Cannibis Cup

    Episode 4

    Come visit the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in sunny Southern California!