• Cannabis Investing forum - Hemp Opportunities

    This three part presentation has a speaker line-up that will absolutely blow your mind! Check out the Who's Who in Cannabis!

    Speakers - Go to Speaker Bio Page
    Anna Symonds, Professional Rugby Player & Director of Education, East Fork Cultivars
    Elaine Richer, BSPharm, RPh, CEO & Founder, MyCu...

  • Random Acts Of Concert - Black Lives Matter Special Pt I - Black Hesher

    USWC is bringing free music to the globe in solidarity with the millions of voices saying 'Black Lives Matter!' Part 1
    This 4 part special features performances by Black Hesher, Luxifur, J. Andrew and Natalie Dime, special video sent in by Sebastian Guerrero and Robert Rodriguez and capping with...

  • Cannabis Investing Forum

    2 videos

    The Cannabis Investing Forum researches and publishes lists of Alternative Investing events, sources of capital and investors and information focused on educating new and existing investors about the global Cannabis, Hemp and CBD industries and the diverse investing opportunities.

  • Keith Brock and Kings Who Rock livestream release party

    Music Video Debut from "Keith Brock and The Kings Who Rock"
    Keith Brock - vocals and guitar
Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) - guitar

    Walfredo Reyes Jr (Carlos Santana / Chicago) - drums
Dave Marotta (Colbie Caillat) - bass 

    John Popper (Blues Traveler) - harmonica
Spike Edney (Queen) - keybo...

  • Nikita Sativa Live On 4/20/2020

    A USWC special Live Concert by Nikita Sativa on 4/20/20 to bring in the next 100 years on Cannabis!

  • Dawn Of The Rising LIVE and World Premiere of Sarge's Paranormal Investigations!

    Watch the LIVE of performance Dawn Of The Rising and World Premiere of Sarge's Paranormal Investigations show with interview from Jonathan 'Sarge' Saccary!

  • SARGES PARANORMAL - Pilot Episode Teaser

    The Worlds Hottest new Paranormal-Action-Comedy ...with Weed!
    Come puff with the paranormal and see how Cannabis gets the gang closer to the paranormal activity than ever before!
    Starring Jonathan 'Sarge' Saccary with fellow hunters Justin Rue, director of photography, Shane Doull, USWC Founder a...

  • Film Festival April 2020
    Movie + 8 extras

    Film Festival April 2020

    Movie + 8 extras

  • Sue Wong Oscar Gala 2020 - Behind the scenes!

    11 videos

    Behind the scenes and extras from - Oscar Night in Hollywood at the Sue Wong Oscar Gala 2020!