Mile HIGH Nancy!

Mile HIGH Nancy!

9 Episodes

If you liked Sex In The City you will love Mile HIGH Nancy!

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Mile HIGH Nancy!
  • Mile HIGH Nancy - Wecome to my World!

    Episode 1

    s1e1 A single mother by choice in the Mile High city of Denver is trying to make it big as a comedian. To pay the bills, she hosts a 420 friendly cooking show. In this episode, learn more about Nancy through an interview with an anthropologist and flashbacks. Things aren't always as they seem.

  • Mile High Nancy - The Talk

    Episode 2

    s1e2 Nancy and her girlfriends get together to talk about The Talk...we bet its not what you think.

    Producer, Director, Star - Nancy Fingerhood

  • Mile High Nancy - Edibles ...and Uniballs.

    Episode 3

    s1e4 Mile High Nancy hosts a cannabis infusion party with some of the usual and unusual suspects.

  • Mile High Nancy - Black Dick is Legit

    Episode 4

    s1e3 Nancy goes out with friends and meets someone. Then realizes she might want Black Dick.

  • Mile High Nancy - I want you so baaaaad!

    Episode 5

    Nancy falls for her new camera man, but he gives a different meaning to the name Ed.

  • Mile High Nancy Episode 6 Trailer

    Episode 6

    Nancy's series keeps growing on USWC! 6 EPISODES?!?!?!
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  • Mile High Nancy - Mom Jeans and Comedy Dreams

    Episode 7

    s1e6 Nancy laments on the tragic comedies of getting older and finds experience past masturbation pays off.

    Directors: Jeff Zimmerman and Nancy Fingerhood
    Starring: Nancy Fingerhood

  • Mile High Nancy - Preamble

    Episode 8

    Enjoy the preamble to Episode 1.
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  • Mile High Nancy - Behind the Scenes

    Episode 9

    Nancy and her daughter are truly a great story in the Cannabis community. She developed and Produced Mile High Nancy from an idea. Now producing her 7th episode USWC is so proud to be a part of her success!

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