4 Episodes

Hilarious antics await if your getting your delivery in San Diego from Medi-Mike Boris and the crew from Sky-High.

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  • Patience - The New Guy s1e1

    Episode 1

    Get your deliveries from Medi-Mike Boris and his crew of misfits..and The New Guy. What's in the rice cakes?

  • Patience - Raid Day! s1e2

    Episode 2

    It's Raid day...the crew at Leaf Of Faith are closing for the day and getting a rub-down!
    Watch out for sabotage! ...and male masseuse'!

  • Patience - 420 Dating! s1e3

    Episode 3

    Mike hosts a night of speed dating and the boys canna-find-love! ...she's 14 Jon!

  • Patience - Hempy Holidaze s1e4

    Episode 4

    It's the Holidaze and Richard isn't feeling himself. Berner can help him through.