Rasta Pasta Show

Rasta Pasta Show

9 Episodes

Escape with Marco Rasta and friends as they travel through space, time and to the local weed shop.

This amazing breakthrough series will definitely entertain the stoner in all of us.

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Rasta Pasta Show
  • The Rasta Pasta Show 1-1

    Episode 1

    Its the inaugural episode man. Meet Marco, resident stoner and friends Johny and Cah!
    Marco realizes he has toked all the available ganga and he must venture forth to replenish his supply!

  • The rasta Pasta Show 1-2

    Episode 2

    Marco learns the secret to growing 17 pounds in one day!

  • The rasta Pasta Show 1-4

    Episode 3

    Marco needs to use the portals to find the magic strain...'Dali' for short.

  • The rasta Pasta Show 1-3

    Episode 4

    It's April twentieth! Happy 4-20!!! Let's take a smoke break man...

  • The rasta Pasta Show 1-5

    Episode 5

    Marco and Johny go on a fantastic voyage...for munchies!

  • The Rasta Pasta Show 1-6

    Episode 6

    While everyone looks into the Marco Loco Johny travels to mars for 4 pounds of really humungus buds.

  • The Rasta Pasta Show 1-7

    Episode 7

    Marco is a reporter on TRPN news...Shakespeare was a stoner!! Check out Brittney's nails!

  • The Rasta Pasta Show 1-9

    Episode 8

    In this final episode of season 1, Marco and friends need to raise the PH of the Universe to 6.3! Otherwise, no healthy water in the Universe man.

  • The Rasta Pasta Show 1-8

    Episode 9

    Marco has the Transmitter and its time to transform man. How does it work again? Ca-Caa!