This Is USWC!

This Is USWC!

U.S. WEED CHANNEL is your goto Cannabis TV Network with TV series, movies and more!

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This Is USWC!
  • USWC Intro

    U.S. WEED CHANNEL is doing for WEED what Mtv did for music!

  • USWC is built for Canna-content-creators!

    Canna-Content-Creators! Had your Youtube shut down? Social pages getting flagged? Cannabis content just isn't safe out there by itself. However, there is power in numbers at U.S. WEED CHANNEL!

    You can post videos (that meet community guidelines) for FREE! We want your creativity to fly and the e...

  • WEED has a channel

  • This is USWC

    Bringing progressive cannabis content to the mainstream. Your SUBSCRIPTION counts!'s how we produce new shows and keep the current ones going.

    Look for concerts, events and more series coming soon!

  • U.S. WEED CHANNEL - We are here!

    Back in 2014 our founder had a vision to improve the world by starting a TV network about the Cannabis lifestyle...and he did it.

    USWC is the only federally recognized Cannabis Broadcast Media outlet, reaching over 100 countries and installed to over 150,000 U.S. living rooms via Roku.


  • USWC Rocks!

    These early supporters rocked our world!